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How to Bring Innovation to your Business

Everyone who knows me know how much I am passionate about entrepreneurship. I believe men and women who are in business have the unique opportunity to change the world and make the world a better place. While entrepreneurs make money, I will be the first to tell you that the core reason most successful entrepreneurs go into business is Problem-solving. They see a need, a problem, and a challenge that they feel strongly enough to bring creative solutions into them. Every business must have a problem it is solving.

So, from that viewpoint, successful business owners constantly think of innovation.

Here are 3 Ways to boost and bring innovation to your business:

  1. Fast Delivery Speed. By increasing speed in delivery of your services you are adding significant value to your customers or clients. We live in the time where people are very conscious of time and want things happening faster. This is the reason we have drive-thru services, fast food, package overnight delivery services, and so on. Business owners should constantly review and cut off processes and procedures that slow down delivery. The faster you can deliver the better you get as a company. And subsequently will be rewarded with success.
  1. Pricing: Pricing of your goods and services is a place you can work on to bring almost value to your customers. When we talk about pricing, there are different perspective to this. It could be that you lower the price or you hike the price. Lower price at certain percentage discount can be a motivation for boosting your business, especially when you are experiencing low sales. This can stimulate the business and activate new customers at the same time. Price increase is also a possible way to boost your business. However, when you increase pricing do it with added value.
  2. Engage Technology: In this dispensation, it will be an anomaly for any business owner to denial his or her business the enormous blessing of technology. Any business who is not engaged with technology is already behind. Days of traditional advertisement are died. All your prospects are online, and on social media. Digital Marketing is the way to go. Aside from marketing, there are several apps and software available today that will handle basically every aspect of your business, including sales, HR, Accounting, CRM, etc. Make your business easy, fast and innovative by engaging technology.

If you do all the above happy are you!

-Gbenga Showunmi
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